Volkan Arslan: “Organizations should stop trying to scam people”

NDO Volkan Arslan

That’s Game Bro: Greetings, could you tell us about yourself?

Volkan Arslan: My name is Volkan Arslan, I’m 24 and I’m the Founder of NDO Gaming Ltd. which consists of an esports org and an esports agency.

That’s Game Bro: What is NDO Agency, and also NDO Esports?

Volkan Arslan: NDO Agency was my first company in esports. It all started after our dilemma with the ex-Dark Passage squad. Everyone kinda did their own thing and I partnered up with woxic to help him through his time as a free agent. I helped him with paper work and helped him to get deals for his streams done so he earns money while being a free agent. Meanwhile he was the main reason why I ended up in the position that I am today. After his transfer to HellRaisers, a lot of players contacted me to start working on sponsor deals for them individually. Since I earned money off those deals I started with my own agency. NDO in that case stands for No Days Off. At the moment we are rebranding the whole agency since a lot of people are mixing it up with our newly founded team NDO Esports. Our team was supposed to play in China, but we failed horribly which I will explain later on.

That’s Game Bro: Where did you get the idea of creating an esports team? Were you a professional CS 1.6 player once ago?

Volkan Arslan: First of all, I’ve never been a professional gamer in any game nor had I any relationship or knowledge about professional gaming or esports until the end of 2015. I’ve always been about businesses and their systems which was the reason why I normally switched the business I worked in every year. I think the reason why I stayed in esports was because besides an interesting business model, it delivered emotions. I’m a really emotional man so I felt really comfortable from the beginning.

That’s Game Bro: What’s the hardest way of founding an esports organization?

Volkan Arslan: Paperwork and finding the right balance between a lot of money and ethical values when it comes to closing sponsor deals. Besides that it is really hard to keep things transparent without overhyping something.

That’s Game Bro: What are your goals in a short and long timescale?

Volkan Arslan: As weird as it sounds, my intention is to make as much money as possible to create even more possibilities for players, content creators and especially create more paid jobs in esports. Besides that I wouldn’t really set any goals ranking wise, I wanna see where the team goes first. I want to see how my work ethic benefits or influences a team. I also want to create new ways of structuring an esports org (which is a big risk but I love taking risks).

That’s Game Bro: As far as we know, you don’t have an active roster right now. In which games are you planning to create a team?

Volkan Arslan: We are planning to compete in FIFA, CSGO and later on League of Legends. CSGO obviously because I am unbelievably connected within the scene. FIFA because one of my best friends is one of the most successful agents in FIFA and League of Legends just because I’m a huge fan of the game itself. This also means we might enter the Turkish LoL league.

That’s Game Bro: Even though you live in Malta, you’ve opened up a team in China. What’s the reason of that? Too many esports fans in there?

Volkan Arslan: The reason of me living in Malta is easy. I work for a huge company in Malta which offers me the best conditions to still do my thing while having a crazy income. Besides that there’s nothing more motivating than waking up to sunshine almost everyday while seeing the sea when walking out of your door. Living on an island is something else. The plan of moving to China to build NDO there sadly failed horribly. As much as I worked for it the last 10 month, the government, the match fixing and making business on the other side of the world is just too much for one person. I hired some people in China to help me with that and they sadly did the opposite which was the reason why we failed. I sadly lost a lot of money, but that’s a big part of building a business and it was calculated. The reason why I wanted to go to China was that I am someone who loves developing players and scenes.

Volkan Arslan MaltaThat’s Game Bro: You said that you don’t want to create a Turkish esports team. What’s the reason of that, doesn’t Turkey has good conditions for it?

Volkan Arslan: First of all, I only refer this to Counter-Strike in Turkey in its current state. In the future if Turkey offers more interesting players, I could definitely think about it. Besides that the Turkish League of Legends League is something we are monitoring heavily! Turkey lacks in so many things such as professionalism, visa issues and many more. As a young organization you can’t take that risk.

That’s Game Bro: D0cC is on fire nowadays. What do you think about this guy, can he be one of the top players one day?

Volkan Arslan: He definitely has the potential for that! But besides the potential, he also has the perfect work ethic. I’ve never seen something similar at any of my clients. D0cC is a working machine. It’s the first time I’m meeting a player that has the same work ethic as me. While I’m used to run after every of my clients to get stuff done, D0cC gets stuff done in time or even earlier. But if that’s enough to make it to the top of the world? Only time will tell. Until then he will be a part of NDO as a streamer and who knows, maybe as a player as well really soon. He still has to finish school which I definitely support as good as I can! Besides him we also added another crazy talented player with zerkje from France. With these two players who are also doing their thing as content creators, we’re having huge plans for the end of the year and next year, which will be announced really soon.

That’s Game Bro: What’s your thoughts about Blast Pro Series: Istanbul. According to our sources, Blast will take place in Turkey again, next year. Does this event helps to improve the Turkish scene?

Volkan Arslan: I’m not really sure about that to be honest. To help Turkish esports and stabilize it, it takes more than well organized tournaments. I don’t even understand why there has been no Turkish company organizing a bigger tournament yet. Everyone always said „There are no sponsors in Turkey“. Funny enough the sponsorship portfolio for Blast Pro Series in Istanbul had more than enough Turkish sponsors. Orgs should slowly start investing in development and structure and stop trying to scam people. Even the biggest orgs are trying shady shit even tho they participated in LoL Worlds.

That’s Game Bro: What do you think about Turkish esports scene? What can you say when we compare it to other countries?

Volkan Arslan: Too much. We lack in almost every aspect of professional esports. But we also have some points that benefit us. While we’re missing on investments, development, structure and reputation, we’re having a really crazy amount of fans with a passion comparable to the Brazilian fans.

That’s Game Bro: If you had built a random CS team, which players would take place?

Volkan Arslan: Taco – woxic – rain – gla1ve – Xyp9x

That’s Game Bro:  Thanks for the interview. Want to add something?

Volkan Arslan: Not really. I wished there would be such an opportunity way earlier, when I was a deeper part of the Turkish scene than I am now. I still hope and wish every single Turkish player all the best. Make sure to stay humble, educate yourself in terms of languages to be open to get as many opportunities as possible. And no matter what your friends, your family or anyone tells you, keep grinding for your dream. Once you achieve your goals, they will understand! I know there’s someone, somewhere sitting in an internet cafe who might read this. I hope you will be on the big stage really soon!


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