Mirbit: “The rumors aren’t true”

Mirbit @ESL Cologne 2018

We had a chance to interview with Sabit “Mirbit” Coktasar, who has won the FPL in the previous month.

First of all can you please introduce yourself?

Mirbit: My name is Sabit-Mirza Coktasar and Im 21 years old. My parents are originally from Turkey and Im born in Germany. Im studying economics and programming and Im currently taking a break for 6 months from university.

How did you start to play Counter-Strike? On internet cafe like most of the other players?

Mirbit: I started playing CS pretty late compared to other players. At age 17 my brother brought a cracked version of CS:S and we played pool day for a few hours. Since then I got obsessed and started watching highlights from “ScreaM”. You could say that my brother and “ScreaM” were the initiators of my career.

Could you compare Turkish and German CS:GO scene, as a half Turkish and a German player.

Mirbit: First of all, this is my own opinion and how I see things: The Turkish scene lacks game knowledge and has players that are way too focused on mechanical skill. They are neglecting other parts of the game which are as important, if not more important, than the mechanical aspect. They are super passionate though and very dedicated as far as I know. On the other hand, the German scene lacks ambitious players who are willing to sacrifies a lot to reach their goals. It’s almost like they think by getting into the 1st/2nd divisions in Germany they “made it” and it goes downhill from there. Of course there are exceptions and those guys will sooner or later show their worth.

What do you think about Blast Pro Series: Istanbul. How it affects Turkish esports scene?

Mirbit: To be completely honest I don’t really follow the Turkish scene and from the games I have watched I’m pretty disappointed that more people didn’t show up to the event. From what I have heard the scene is pretty big, so it was a surprise for me when I saw the small crowd compared to other events.

You haven’t played in a team since August. There are some rumors that you’ll play on a Turkish team. Are you plannig to play on a Turkish team?

Mirbit: The rumors are not true. I have nothing against playing for a Turkish team but I don’t think any other Turkish team than Space Soldiers would make sense for me.

In September, you have played 137 matches and managed to get the 1st on FPL by winning 77 matches. Congrats for this achievement, can you talk about progress?

Mirbit: It was easier than I expected. I think this has something to do with me starting the month pretty strong so I could pick the players I wanted to play with. I had a really bad start this month so I didn’t have the opportunity to be the team captain which made thinks harder in my opinion.

Do you have a favourite player on FPL that you like playing with him?

Mirbit: I like playing with players that really want to win. I have no problem with players who just play for fun but I would rather play with passionate players who care about winning and improving.

Last month, Turkish player imoRRR succeed to finish FPL as 7th. Xantares also was finish 2nd in August. What do you think about these people?

Mirbit: Obviously Xantares is incredibly talented and if he can show the same individual level while having success as a team he can become one of the best in the world. I haven’t seen very much from imoRRR but I think he is talented aswell and if he keeps on working on his game and keeps an open mind he can be a great player one day.

Which 4 players would you like to play with?

Mirbit: I couldn’t name specific players. All I want is to play with 4 players that are “living the game”, always hungry, open to criticism and obviously talented. I understand that it’s a lot to ask for but Im confident if I stay patient and keep working hard God will open a door for me.

Space Soldiers isn’t performing well nowadays. Any thoughts about it?

Mirbit: I think the break wasn’t really good for them. On top of that it seems like they have some issues with the organisation (?) which is never really helpful. I hope they figure out a way out of the slump and prove some people wrong.

Whats your aim on FPL this month. Will you try hard to be the first one again, or have a rest?

Mirbit: I dont really know what “rest” means since 4 years. I’ll give my best to win again. It’s gonna be very hard though since I had a very rough start.

Thanks for the interview, want to say anything else?

Mirbit: Thanks for all the supporters and people that believe in me. I hope you tune in to my stream to see some good and chill gameplay!